Softer than Velvet: Fur Bomber Jacket

The month of November is the start of the holiday season. Cold weather, crisp winds, heavy rain and even snow are in store for us in the coming months. Since we’re an outerwear company, we absolutely love this kind of weather!

During each month of the fall season, we’ve committed to releasing a new style.

November’s new style is - Fur Bomber Jacket in onyx. It’s a classic style with a glamorous twist; the fabric is a luxurious, decadent faux fur that’s softer than velvet.

Star Quality Fabric

Velvet is making its mark this fall/winter season; from shoes to dresses - this textile is popping up all over the place! 

During the design and sourcing stage of the Fur Bomber Jacket last year, J’Amy committed to finding fabrics that were exceptional. This high-shine, sumptuous cotton/rayon faux fur blend was not only incredible to look at, it also felt like silk.

Black Velvet Mood Board

Hollywood Glamour

This exquisite fabric is a nod to 1950's Hollywood glamour.

Actresses had transfixing power that could transcended any camera lens - film or photograph. During this Golden Age of cinema, certain traits arose that defined feminine sophistication and style forever.

The finish, high shine and luscious texture of the Fur Bomber Jacket in Onyx brought to mind this classic Hollywood period for us. Sometimes you want to channel the glamour of Old Hollywood, and this jacket will take you there.

Hollywood Glamour Style Beauty


(Photo credits - Black Fur Bomber Mood Board - here, here, here, here, here // Hollywood Mood Board - here, here, here )

Pop Up Shop in Downtown Tiburon!

Got weekend plans? Join us at our pop up shop in downtown Tiburon! 

This pop up shop is our first ever - visit us to see new fall colors, textures and creations. 

Address is 46B Main Street. Hours are 10 A.M. - 5 P.M.

Tiburon fashion pop up shop

We've developed an entire J'Amy Tarr experience at our pop up shop - one filled with design, fashion, style and even art! 

Navy Cape Italian Leather Japanese Wool

Leather Bomber Jacket

Swirl Girls


I've enjoyed just taking a single pen stroke and creating 5 variations with it. These appliqued swirls might be from a silk chiffon or charmeuse. I felt like creating vibrant colors this week. Enjoy!

The Girls - Halloween Edition

I let my pencil zig zag along the length of the dresses and shirts. This accentuated the garment to extend well beyond the shape of the body. The color palette was inspired by the type of fire you might see on a super hero. Their shoes are reminiscent of Parisian croissants. Maybe I was hungry while illustrating this? I love humor in fashion.