The Girls - Halloween Edition

I let my pencil zig zag along the length of the dresses and shirts. This accentuated the garment to extend well beyond the shape of the body. The color palette was inspired by the type of fire you might see on a super hero. Their shoes are reminiscent of Parisian croissants. Maybe I was hungry while illustrating this? I love humor in fashion.




October '16 Release: Knit Bomber Jackets

October 2016 Moodboard

Every month during this fall and winter season, we’re releasing a new design and accompanying moodboard. This approach is new for us; we’re forging a new path in the fashion industry with this method.

Last month we released the ‘Take Flight’ Moto Jackets in cream and black as the first debut of our new concept. For October, we were inspired by vivid, rich colors and unique textures. We searched for the perfect combination of each that caught our eye.

Golden Gate Bridge

Crimson and Concrete

Our color story for this October collection is crimson and concrete.

Crimson is a warm and positive color associated with strong, powerful energy. Historically, the color has been associated with nobility during the latter part of the Middle Ages throughout Europe. Crimson’s brazen hue drew us in and inspired us so much that we wanted to create a Bomber Jacket with it!

Because the city of San Francisco is a heavy influence for our brand, the color concrete truly stood out. The grey tinge of the city sidewalks to the rolling fog over the Golden Gate Bridge will forever remind us of the city we love so much - San Francisco.

San Francisco city concrete photography

Knit Bomber Jacket

The knit texture of this new style gives the perpetually classic Bomber Jacket a new, refreshed look. It can be a cozy and casual for the chilly Bay Area weather or can be dressed up for a night out on the town with a pair of heels or booties. 

Crimson Concrete Knit Bomber Jacket


Photo credit listed in order here (Butterflies, Golden Gate Bridge, AnOther Magazine, Akiko Ikeuchi Knotted Thread-Red artSwirl by James NaresHyogo, Japan by Tadao AndoTransamerica Pyramid, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco city, concrete)

I Love San Francisco - The Girls

This love affair I have with SF is the real deal.

I've lived in many places including NYC, Washington State and as far away as Granada Spain. There is no doubt that my heart has always been in San Francisco. The angle of the sun, the familiar smells and sights all resonate with me. I can remember my childhood in Marin, my wedding in the Presidio of San Francisco and raising my children in Marin. My love for the SF Bay Area is palpable and is present in every aspect of my life.