The Dark Navy Kimono GT - Always a Go-To Coat

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A few months ago, my good friend, Daria Hutchinson and I hiked the hills of San Francisco. She shot some images of me while we were cruising around SF's Chinatown to capture the vibrant colors of this part of the city. Coincidentally, the red of my dress matched the lanterns floating above the streets. It made for a lovely photo. One of the Daria's talents is how she captures composition and architecture. More on her in future blog posts, you will LOVE how she captured this beautiful city. My wool Kimono GT in Dark Navy was the perfect weigh to keep me warm, but remained comfortable throughout our jaunt around town. This coat, and the rest of my collection is 100% designed, developed, graded, cut and sewn within a 60 mile radius of my studio. All garments are produced in small quantities so to keep waist down and quality up.

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