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Illustrations by J'Amy Tarr

The beginning of the design process is fluid. I often use free association with color or shape to allow my eyes to readjust from previous collections. Once I've created a series of illustrations, I edit down to the specific details I like including shape, details and colors. By lining up my illustrations (above) and then editing down, I allow my designer instincts to take over and lead me to my next collection.

Designers have several tools available to develop a collection. Dreaming up new styles in your mind, drawing them out by hand or on a computer, and utilizing fabric draping are all methods designers use to create 3D designs. All of these techniques are valuable at different times during the process. In the near future, we will see additional tools available to designers such as AI, Artificial Intelligence. I'm currently exploring AI now with my techie husband and looking forward to incorporating it into my designer toolbox soon. Stay tuned for future blog posts on AI for fashion design... This article from the Economist is interesting. I believe that fashion design can benefit by AI data as an informational tool, but the human element will continue to be essential in deciding the final outcome.

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