J'Amy Tarr

San Francisco Bay Area native, J’Amy Tarr imbues her signature outerwear collection with over two decades of fashion industry experience.


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Behind the scenes with the designer

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Vulkan magazine

"I found J'Amy's outerwear on Instagram and knew it had to be in my upcoming shoot. The garments really took the shoot to another level and J'Amy was great to work with." —Ronald Gravesande

Bob Cut magazine

"This Mill Valley sweetheart has been designing for the woman on the go, with poise and grace." —Anthony Rogers

San Francisco Chronicle

"Her designs are a great fit for Bay Area women who want stylish clothes with a bit of an edge."
—Jeannie Matteucci

J'Amy Tarr

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, J’Amy Tarr imbues her signature outerwear collection with over two decades of fashion industry experience from the Michael Kors women's collection to local roots at Levi Strauss. J'Amy won an International Design Award in Korea and was voted Best of San Francisco.

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Illustrating and doodling have always been a part of J'Amy's process. Enabling her mind to wander, sketching has allowed J'Amy to communicate ideas to her staff as well as record lucid dreams. "Sketching strengthens focus and strategic thinking, enhances creativity and is a valuable tool to move your thoughts to paper." J'Amy Tarr

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Customer Testimonials

I own three J’Amy Tarr jackets and each has a special place in my closet…they are all in constant rotation. Living in San Francisco, I just love how lightweight they are which makes them so perfect for year round wear. 

All three jackets are so versatile - I throw one on as I run out the door to drop my kids off at school if I want to add polish to my outfit. I also wear one to nearly every work event where I have to look my very best but also be comfortable. And honestly, not one event goes by where I don’t get endless compliments on my jacket!

Thank you, J’Amy! I really love your jackets!

—Rebecca Scott