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Works on Canvas

Working on a large canvas is a full-body experience. There's a dance, an intimate connection, between pushing a piece to the brink and then gently drawing it back. It's a dialogue between me and the artwork. When it strikes the perfect balance, to my eye, I know it's complete. At that moment, it begins to narrate its own story to me. I revel in the process of scrutinizing these pieces, as if they are newly born and yet at the same time, have already lived a lifetime.

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Works On Paper | Panel

Mixing up unexpected colors and textures shows me the world from a different angle. When it comes to collage, I focus on hand painting, printing and drawing textural color bursts. These pieces are then delicately hand-cut and placed in formations I'm inspired by. Currently, I'm drawn to the boundless beauty of NASAs space pictures, unexpected findings on nature walks, or even memories from my dreams. The work itself always brings out this sense of wonder and curiosity.

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Portrait Studies In Oil

Portrait studies challenge us to perceive a person on a profound level, urging us to examine what truly constitutes their essence. I enjoy capturing individuals deep in thought. I am fascinated by the diversity found in human faces and how even the slightest nuances can significantly impact the final artwork. Utilizing oil paint as my medium, these portraits are born out of a genuine curiosity to uncover and understand the life stories of the individuals I choose to depict.

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J'Amy Tarr

San Francisco Bay Area native, J’Amy Tarr, is now a working artist who creates large abstract paintings, hand painted collages and stylized portraits. Her other life was in fashion.



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