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Metallics... How do you incorporate them into your style without looking over-the-top? Does wearing metallics look out-of-place if you are in a low key environment or setting? Let's discuss...
First of all, I'm a big believer in that you can wear whatever you want. If wearing metallics makes you feel ________  (fill in the blank - strong, sensual, pretty, smart, worldly, spiritual, confident, graceful, creative etc) then they are right for you.
People have worn precious metals since the beginning of time. Today's favorites include 14K -18K yellow, white or rose gold jewelry - these pieces have have heavy rotation in today's wardrobe. It's easier to wear metallics this way because of their size in relation to your whole outfit. Compared to a shirt, jacket or pant, a piece of jewelry is usually an accent. I believe that going bold and sophisticated with metallics no matter what the current fashion trend du jour is always a good idea. A little metallic glam for the WIN.
When choosing which metal is right for you, it helps if the color suits your skin tone. In the photo above, Blogger Kendall Chase @chasingkendall wears this soft gold color perfectly. Her coloring is warm with honey tones. If you want to find out your skin tone, it is recommended to stick your arm out in front of your body and flip your palm up towards the sky. The underside of your arm will help you decide. Hold up a piece of silver jewelry and then a piece of gold. Which one looks better?
Warm skin tones tend to look best in gold. bronze, copper and pewter. I love our Gold & Ivory Denim Bomber jacket, seen on Kendall above, because its metallic tone is less "yellowy" and more of a lighter gold. This type of gold tone is easier to wear and looks elegant paired with a dress or more casually with jeans. People who wear gold tend to look better in muted warm colors such as camel, bronze, mocha, blush, browns, beige and charcoal grey.
In fashion, rules are made to be broken. Don't let some old adage hold you back from realizing your full style potential. What you wear and how it makes you feel is by far the most important factor! Fashion and styling "rules" can help, but your own experience is paramount. 

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