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Greetings from the other side.... Of the country, that is... Hello NYC!
Only recently, did I learn to include valuable downtime in my schedule to relax and reflect. Because let's get real, reflection is what it's all about. Staying focused on what's important is crucial to personal and professional success. People who run their own businesses can attest, it is difficult to pull yourself away from the moment you are in, but the benefits are to be had when you take a pause. 
Last weekend I was in NYC and got a chance to hit the pause button. I was able to re-energize myself while perusing the Whitney Museum of Modern Art. As I walked the halls, I realized again how deeply art can affect us. Art is something that can change your perspective. The act of making it, viewing it or engaging in it can elevate your mood, make you think in a new way and create joy. I believe it strengthens focus and strategic thinking, enhances creativity and is a valuable tool to express yourself. 
Here are a few of my silk screen prints called An Exploration of Brush Stroke - J'Amy Tarr 1999.

Of course, as a women's outerwear designer, I am alway looking to find interesting, age-appropriate and fashionable ways to style jackets. After grabbing my Olive Japanese Wool Biker Jacket for a day at the Museum, I decided to offer you a few styling ideas to help you feel great as well as be comfortable during your day at the museum. 
Dressing for a day at your local museum? Check out my styling options below for some ideas to incorporate into your next art-day outing. 
Our jam packed weekend trip to NYC included a trek along the High LineHamilton, a stay at the Soho Grand, a bite at Blue Hill in Greenwich Village, a lazy afternoon at the Whitney Museum of American Art and a stroll through Little Italy's annual festival, the Feast of San Gennaro. <--- this last one was crowded!
Here are a few of my silk screen prints called An Exploration of Brush Stroke - J'Amy Tarr 1999.

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