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Have you ever asked yourself how you feel when you get off certain apps on your phone? 







Did you know all of these apps have social media components to them. I bet you don't feel the same when you get off of Instagram, for example, then you do when you get off Pinterest. These tech companies have different intentions and business models. Some are more questionable to your well being than others. How do you protect yourself and your state of mind? 

If you have an iPhone, the first way to protect yourself would be to update your phone to iOS 14. Once you do, you are now in charge of which apps can have access to your behavior on the phone. Did you know that all of your apps before this update had automatic access to your unique phone's internal number which allowed them to track your every move online? Many of us would say, well, what's the big deal? In time, you will learn that there is a new commodity and it's called human futures. Sounds frightening. What it means is that we are the product. Our attention is being bought and sold and we aren't even halfway aware of it.

Watch The Social Dilemma and you will see how social media is manipulating you on such a deep level, that it is shocking. The way we got to this point was through gradual light imperceptible changes to our behavior. So small that you didn't notice all along. 

For more info on this, watch The Social Dilemma. It starts to put things into perspective, and it gets really dicey.

Some topics discussed in the movie:

-snapchat dysmorphia

-eroding the social fabric of how society works

-feels like the world is going crazy like the world has fallen under a spell 

-asking tech industry to bring ethical design to social 

-Gradual light imperceptible change in your behavior so you don't notice

-Did you wonder why pulling down to refresh is like a slot machine in Las Vegas?

-Tagging a person is a growth hack for their platform and it works!

-We know kids are having difficulties with it, we are no different as adults - the dopamine effect is real and it is addictive.

-Ever wonder why tech execs especially in social media do not allow their kids on Social Media? And many of their kids go to Waldorf or similar type schools with no tech?

-People pick up their phone at any chance they get - ie downtime anywhere - social media is like a digital pacifier.

There are things you can do, but becoming aware is the first step.

I decided to keep a diary of my feelings for the first 48 hours after deleting the app - have a peek below to see my stream of consciousness... 

⁃ Felt free beyond belief

⁃ I will miss the bday wishes a little on Facebook, not gonna lie

⁃ Felt immediately more present in my life, in the moment

⁃ A rooted feeling in the earth - a physicality that felt solid and strong

⁃ I could feel this "weighing down" feeling evaporating 

⁃ I thought of my friends starting businesses and talking about their “socials” as in social media and I felt a nod of acknowledgement but no feeling of associated dread

⁃ I felt that I would have so much time for art, could dive deeper, more fully and not worry if what I was producing fit what would get me likes and follows. I didn't need to produce for the "squares"

⁃ People will find me if they want on my website where I will be pouring more heart and soul into what I do and say - because it is on my terms

⁃ I feel like I flipped a switch

⁃ Open the creative flood gates

⁃ No control over that digital kind of social life, those apps control who you see in your feed, how often, what they hold back and what they advertise to you - I was ready for real life again

⁃ No regrets day later

⁃ I now see deleting FB and IG as the ultimate form of self care

⁃ Able to delete 10 apps on my phone dedicated to editing photos for social. Kept only two favorites - more space!

⁃ I realize I need a quiet place for creativity - a quiet mind = creative waterfall

Ultimately, I decided to opt out of these apps and opt into me and it feels great.

Listen to our Biased Cuts Podcast for MUCH MUCH more. It's been a choice I've labored over for a while. Coupled with lots of research, self reflection and time, I feel like I made the right choice. 

Sending love to you all who read this whole post! BOOM!



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  • J’Amy! I wondered why I wasn’t seeing your beautiful creations… proud of you for deleting. Social Dilemma was abhorrent and unreal. 2020 at its finest….(!) hope you’re well and thriving
    xo jane on

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