Art is Healing

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Upper Left: My illustration of Juliette Lewis
Center Top: Latest Graphic Tee 
Upper Right: My latest Ink Painting
Middle Center: Photo of Daria Hutchinson in my Cotton Biker Jacket
Middle Right: Listen to our latest Podcast Biased Cuts
Bottom Left: My illustration of Pam Hogg
Bottom Center: Newest Tank Top
Bottom Right: Photo of me taken by Daria Hutchinson in SF

Art is healing.

I've made a conscious shift in my life to create more art. It offers me peace of mind, allows for personal growth and provides unique insight into my mind's eye. Above, I've included a colorful screenshot of an Instagram  nonad. I took this screenshot to showcase some of the various art techniques I am exploring these days. Illustration, ink art, digital art, graphic t-shirts and collaborative podcasting. 
Pivotal events over the past year have allowed me to take a deep look at myself. It's jumpstarted a personal evolution, growth and self emergence as an artist. It is this profound pillar of beauty and truth that everyone should incorporate in their life in some way. Finding yourself as an artist, or reconnecting to one that has been on hold takes time, practice and patience. But, the efforts are priceless. 
Follow along with my blog for more thoughts and musings. You will find me here, not on Instagram or Facebook anymore. Just here, waiting for you to come by and stay a while. 
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