Glitz and Glamour

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Introducing a completely new design, the Capelet imbues allure, beauty and romance. The combination of the luscious fabric and the easy-to-wear design makes this new garment a show stopper, day or night. 

Capelet Versatility

Whether you're going out on the town, to a festive holiday gathering or even to a casual date for a catch up over coffee, the Capelet is your go to garment. Wear it over a dress to give your outfit an extra boost of luxe or with dark shade jeans silk top to amp up a more casual look. 

A slightly shorter length than our classic Cape, the Capelet hits at the small of your back.

But just like the Cape, this new Capelet has slits for your arms - making it easier to hold your cocktail! 

Hollywood Golden Age Inspiration

As we designed and sourced fabric for the capelet, the garment began to take a personality of its own. Each capelet reminded us of a glamorous old Hollywood starlet -- Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich,  Ava Gardner, Eartha Kitt, Dorian Leigh and other beauties.  

Each caplet brings a star quality from this era, breathing life and luxe into your outfit.

The Smoke Capelet was inspired by hand-coloring, which is the pastel colored filter on photographs that was prominently used during Hollywood's Golden Age. This popular technique enhanced the star's features, which were originally muted by the black and white photography of the past.


Old Hollywood Glamour


The Star Capelet was influenced by the gold details surrounding the film industry, both past and present. The glitz and the glamor bestow a golden aura around movie stars - especially, our favorite, Marilyn Monroe. 



Star Capelet


The Onyx Capelet was inspired from the prolific black and white movies produced during this Hollywood 'Golden Era'. Specifically, we love how American cinema truly came into its own by developed its unique style. Hollywood films to this day still use this style, which is characterized by heavy narrative and supporting visual. 


Onyx Black Capelet


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(Photo credits: Smoke Mood Board - here, here, here / Star Mood Board - here, here, here, here, here / Onyx Mood Board - here, here, here, here, here)


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