The Friday Girls: An Introduction

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The Friday Girls - Fashion Art Illustration

Meet The Friday Girls, a fashion illustration depicting a band of women that are always dressed to the nines. These Girls emerge every Friday to celebrate life - they’re playful, cheerful and a creative side to ourselves!

Just like their vibrant outfits, each figure has taken on an animated personality. They’re spirited, whimsical, elegant but, most of all, they’re fun.

Who said fashion has to be serious?

When I first began illustrating The Friday Girls, they were a way to experiment with brighter, more colorful capsule collections than I typically design. Over time, I found that these Girls are more than just a visual experimentation; rather, they represent freedom.

These illustrations provide me with the space to play, without any inhibitions or second guesses.

As a designer, taking time to let my imagination run wild is valuable.

I’m excited to continue sharing The Girls with you, especially because they’re a snapshot of my personal life and journey. They’re a refreshing way to connect with you and the world around us!  

Stay tuned for more Friday Girls on our blog and see how they evolve.

If you’re in the downtown Mill Valley area, visit our design studio to see The Friday Girls in person; they’re larger than life.

The Friday Girls: Fashion Art Illustration


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