The New Neutrals

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I've been looking for ways to refresh my wardrobe and perspective on style for 2021 and have been inspired by the idea of the New Neutral

 When you think of the typical neutral, you think of the colors below:

(above neutral palette source

But a New Neutral is a color that is special. It isn't a pastel, but rather a dusty or earthy sister version of a pastel. It looks more like these:

(New Neutral color palette above source @cypress.and.wool instagram) 

What I especially like about New Neutrals, is that they work really well with your more basic neutral palette and uplift the entire look. Check out your wardrobe to see if you have any new neutrals and give them a try with a Navy or Army green....

Our new Sustainable Cotton Biker Jacket in Mauve Blush is a non-color color ie New Neutral. Which means it will pair with a TON of other colors you have in your wardrobe.. In an age where we want our clothing to be extremely versatile and go the distance, this is a new fav.


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  • Cannot get enough about colors—love learning more!

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