Three Ways To Style Sage

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Wear it with SILVER!

I am a huge fan of silver and love this metallic when worn in an unexpected way. Pair our new Sage Cotton Biker Jacket with a silver pleat skirt for that perfect juxtaposition that creates interest and "tension" in an outfit that balances modernity and intrigue. (J'Amy Tarr Sage Biker Jacket, J'Amy Tarr T-shirt, Tibi Silver Pleat Skirt, Marla Aaron Bracelet and Nike trainers)



I've become a fan of wearing one item oversized to balance an outfit. It's modern to step away from the 100% body con look. It's too much and not fresh. Seen here, with oversized jeans, it balances the fitted jacket and makes it look effortless and chic. Grocery store run, coffee date with mask! or walking the dog. (J'Amy Tarr Sage Biker Jacket, Saint Laurent Hoodie, Raey Jeans, Loewe Sunglasses, Isabel Marant Sandals and Bea Bongiasca Ring)


Wear it with A LOUD PRINT DRESS!


 I think that balancing a vibrant printed dress takes some work. I know if I wore this dress by itself, I'd feel uncomfortable - not like myself. If I added the Sage Biker Jacket over it, I'd feel more like myself with a calming neutral to balance it out. The combat boots calm it down even a little more. To me, this balance feels modern and fresh. (J'Amy Tarr Sage Biker Jacket, Gucci Dress, Suzanne Kalan Necklace and 3.1 Phillip Lim Boots.


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