A San Francisco Treat - The Funnel Neck Jacket

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I've called the San Francisco Bay Area "home" for several decades. No place inspires my outerwear pieces more than San Francisco and it's fickle weather patterns. One minute you are freezing and the next you're warm. This city has taught it's inhabitants to love layers. While San Francisco may not be known for it's vibrant seasons, people here know that it is quite usual to experience a few seasons in just a single day.

With the unique San Francisco weather patterns in mind, I wanted to design a jacket that could allow the wearer to bundle up or down as their day progressed. Knowing that at any moment the fog can roll in under the Golden Gate Bridge and cool the city off by 20-30 degrees in minutes.

Meet the Funnel Neck Jacket. Named after the shape of it's collar, the Funnel Neck Jacket was designed to keep you comfortable throughout your day from crisp mornings to moderate warm afternoons and back to cold foggy nights. SF weather has met it's match.

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