Shop Your Closet - 9 Ways to Style the Olive Biker Jacket

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Musings from J'Amy's Journal:
I've been thinking about how we are going to dress as we move into fall/winter and onwards into 2021. With the Holidays just ahead of us and the vaccine on the horizon, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But where to start with fashion? How have things changed? What's going to feel right going forward? I'm going to explore these ideas in a series of upcoming blog posts discussing what feels right for right now. I will show you easy ways to pull a look together, I'll push you to try something new and show you when you leave something a little "off" or "undone" it is way more cool than being perfect.
With sustainability on our minds, let's start by shopping our own closets. Below, I shopped my closet for outfits that worked with my Olive Biker Jacket. If you own a similar jacket, hopefully these ideas will help you too. I've noticed that I've been wearing sweats so much these past few months that it feels good to grab a sweater, trouser and jacket instead of wearing my pjs all day. Fashion is powerful and can change the way you feel.
The Olive Biker Jacket is a fitted jacket. This allows you to push the volume a little on the bottom to balance it out. In the top image, I have an asymmetrical dress hem hitting just below my knees. This gives some interest and mirrors the asymmetry of the jacket. The hat gives it a more cozy Stevie Nicks fall feeling.
The middle image showcases a burgundy sequin skirt which give a little wow factor. Since I paired it with an olive cotton tank, it takes it down a notch and makes it more approachable. This jacket and the color feel more casual and juxtapose the elevated vibe of the sequin skirt.
The bottom photo shows how plum is a great pairing with olive. This skirt has a trumpet shape. The shape is flattering and gives volume but only at the base. I paired with black pumps and unexpected black socks. This combo is very cool, and you don't catch it at first glance. But once you see it, it makes you think. Those details show that you are creative and challenging the norm by choosing to do your own thing.
In these second three, I keep it really simple. The top shows a wide leg crop pant with a graphic tank top and black suede ankle boots. 
The middle showcases a full black sequin dress with the Olive Biker Jacket over the shoulders. This is a great example of where you take a super elevated look and tone it way down with the wool jacket. It shows the high/low and balances them into the perfect combo. Worn with the black pump and black sock to keep it interesting and a little "off" --> which is good.
The bottom is a rust sweater with black crop wide leg pant. Worn with black suede ankle boots, this is both warm and comfy! Throw the jacket over your shoulders for a slightly preppy vibe.
I wanted to show a look with jeans. The Olive Biker looks GREAT with blue denim, but here I am wearing it with a dark charcoal colored denim with raw hem. I folded up the hem to finish it, added a white patent leather shoe and a string of pears with a large pendant. 
The middle look is paired with a long black ruffle culotte and a plum colored croc embossed tall boot. This is another good example of where  more volume on the bottom balances out the fitted jacket on top.
The final image shows how sleek the jacket looks with a burgundy wrap dress. Clean, simple and chic. The unexpected pairing of the black pump slingback and black socks keep the viewer guessing.

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