Customer Testimonials


"I just received my jacket and it’s GORGEOUS!  The XS fits perfectly!!  I will certainly be buying more jackets soon."

 - Adrienne Kanbar, Online customer / first purchase feedback 

  "I am overjoyed to wear pieces from J'Amy Tarr. You can see the care in her craftsmanship, and her enthusiasm for high-end creations. Her pieces are on-trend and gave me a beautiful silhouette for on-camera work."

- Kerith Burke, NBC Sports Bay Area

On a chilly night at AT&T Park I was super cozy in my J'Amy Tarr coat. Love being comfortable at the Yard - makes the job so much easier. SF Giants wins help too...."

"Game prep from SF Giants recent home stand. The J'Amy Tarr Bomber Jacket was pretty much "da bomb" for that 5-7p hour at AT&T Park. Kept me cozy!"

-Amy Gutierrez, Emmy winning reporter covering the SF Giants, Author

 "I treated myself to my first J'Amy Tarr coat 4 years ago for my birthday and still love it!! I just got my second one and am having so much fun wearing it with lots of different looks. What a benefit too that J'Amy is the best person and everything she does is made with integrity, passion and style."

- Maya Webb, Owner / Hendrix, A Color Salon 

 "Wearing a J'Amy Tarr Japanese wool coat is like a second skin.  It's soft, supple and just the right amount of warm. Her jackets elevate even a casual outfit!  Every time, I feel a little just a little better after I put one on!"

—Julie Herrmann / Educator San Diego Children's Hospital

 "I was preparing for a presentation to a large client group in San Antonio. I had brought the Moto jacket to pair with a variety of things on the trip but originally planned to wear a black suit with skirt and white silk blouse on the day of the presentation. The presentation was a facilitated event that I was leading for a potentially challenging group of experts. The night before, I was considering my closet in the hotel room and the black suite felt like it would be lackluster. I wanted to feel more supported by my outfit and to have presence. The green Moto jacket's moire texture and color complemented the black skirt and white blouse. It's easy to dress up or down. When I walked into the meeting, a woman immediately said, "Nice jacket," making me feel very confident in my choice. I felt poised and comfortable throughout the five hour event, which went very well. I never felt the need to remove the jacket. It moved well and was the right weight. The client brought in a professional photographer so I felt even more pleased with my choice of the Moto jacket post event!"

Shannon Meadows, Principal / iris CREATIVE

 “As a designer, I think J’Amy Tarr is incredibly talented.  Her outerwear has a chic, modern edge that adds incredible sophistication to any outfit and a precision to her fit that compliment the silhouette.  I own both the Moto and the Mohair Bomber jackets, a cream and a black. The basic colors in her sophisticated designs allows the jackets to be worn interchangeably with casual daywear and evening attire.”

—Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn, Owner / Creative Director Stick & Ball

“I am so impressed by the quality, craftswomanship and style of J'Amy Tarr Bomber Jacket. Every time i wear it I get a compliment. I also love the fact J'Amy has it sewn in San Francisco and she personally touches all her pieces. It's a perfect combo of Madison Ave. style with Main Street service. I always feel confident and happy when I wear my J'Amy jacket!”

—Cynthia Pillsbury, Marketing and Branding Consultant

“I wear primarily jeans and t-shirts so my need for something tailored and fitted was limited, but when I walked in the studio to exchange a size for a purchase I had made at an auction, I was amazed with the quality, style and feel of J'Amy’s jackets.  They were more comfortable and warm than my fleece, and at the same time, made my basic t-shirt and jeans feel like uptown ready! I ended up buying 5 items and an additional two as gifts. The quality, style, fit and feel is unsurpassed!”
—Juliana Carlucci, Board of Directors for Kiddo!

“J’Amy Tarr is an extremely talented designer and has been an absolute joy to work with!  I love the jacket I purchased from her which I get compliments on every single time I wear it.  It’s stylish and current, but also timeless and the quality is amazing. I hope to have a full collection of her line in my closet eventually.”
—Jenny Terry, Founder Speak to Me

“When I first met J'Amy Tarr at a her trunk show at Crimson Mim, I literally wanted the jacket off her back.  The moto jacket was not only cool, but it was purple, my favorite color. I tried that on, but also spied the teal color.  And everyone in the store, including J'amy, thought the teal was better on me. Glad I listened. I wore J'Amy’s jacket to a very important interview -- and got the job!  I fell in love with J'Amy and her delicious coats and jackets. They're work appropriate but have that flair and edge that I love. How great that she's a local designer and makes her clothes locally too.  I can't wait to see what she designs next!”
—Mary Orlin, WineFashionista

“J’Amy is a very talented designer….The outerwear she creates is striking and amazing in quality and execution and I feel honored to own more than a few of her wonderful pieces! The fabrics she uses are stunning and the fit perfect. They are pieces you wear with ease on a daily basis, but still feel  so special every time you put one on, and always receive compliments (even from complete strangers…). J’Amy is also a lovely person behind the “designer” and it has been a pleasure getting to know her and seeing her progress. I look forward to what is ahead for her, and also look forward to each new season of her designs…. I know I will be adding to my “collection” of fabulous J’Amy Tarr!”

—Tracey Taylor, Owner Taylor & Co.

 I absolutely love my J'Amy Tarr boucle zip bomber jackets!  I loved my first one so much, I bought a second one in another color in the last size they had left and J'Amy tailored it to fit me! She came right over and pinned the jacket and in 3 days I had a perfectly fitting garment!  The quality of her fabrics is gorgeous and her styles are so current.  These bomber jackets are timeless fashion and will be in my wardrobe for years!

—Stephanie Breitbard, Owner Simon Breitbard Fine Arts

 "J'Amy's designs are the perfect combination of fashion and function. Every piece elevates my outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. I feel good every single time I wear one."

-Kori Stevenson, Viral Internet Sensation - True Mother's Day Advice

"I love my J’Amy Tarr jackets not only because they’re made locally by a talented designer, but because they offer everything we search for in an outerwear garment. Her pieces are fashionable, without being trendy, high quality (and affordable!), and flexible! My favorite piece is the navy metallic bomber jacket because it's so hip and feels like I'm wearing functional art. People stop me all of the time and ask where I bought it."

-Debbie Bernier, Luxury Property Specialist / björn + bernier team

Retailer Testimonials 

“J'Amy’s professionalism, knowledge of the local market, and openness to feedback on her emerging line made her a joy to work with. The goods were delivered complete and on-time, and promptness of communication and organization in all regard was adhered to making the entire experience a pleasure.”
—Tamara Shkurkin, Women's Buyer Rand + Statler

 “J'Amy Tarr is such a true talent.  Her personal style reflects her brand --- mod, stunning, classic, and genuine.  Her outerwear collection is so well received by my clientele and we have had remarkable sell through rate.  I am proud to be J'Amy's friend and colleague and I am excited to see what she has in store for all of us.  Oh and BTW I own and wear feverishly 4 of her jackets :))”
—Nadine Curtis, Owner 7

“Thank YOU for doing an event with Crimson Mim. I really admired your unflagging energy and your willingness to work with our customers. I know they appreciated meeting with you. I think it was particularly cool that the designer was pinning their sleeves. They'll remember it when your brand is huge :)”
—Christine Campbell, Owner Crimson Mim

“J'Amy Tarr is my favorite outerwear brand. The fit and quality of her jackets is obviously carefully considered, and that attention to detail shows in every aspect of her jackets. J'Amy is a wonderful vendor and so pleasant to work with. I highly recommend J'Amy Tarr!”
—Caroline Moore, Store Manager 7

 “I had a great time working with you as well, learning more about your beautiful collection and styling them for our customers. It truly is a rarity to find a designer with such talent, professionalism and kindness. The fact that your local only adds to the allure! I know you will be a success J I would love to stay in touch and look forward to seeing your line grow!”
—CeCe Telesco, Manager, E-commerce & Marketing Crimson Mim