About J'Amy Tarr

Meet J'Amy Tarr: The Artistic Explorer

Blending Fashion and Artistry

I'm J'Amy Tarr, a San Francisco Bay Area native with a passion for exploring the universe through my art. While I began my journey in fashion, working at Levi's and learning from Michael Kors, my creative path has evolved.

I hold double Masters of Fine Art degrees in fashion and textile design from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and my journey led me to earn an International Design Award in Korea in 2003.

Today, I'm more artist than designer. I create large abstract paintings, captivating works on paper, and stylized portraits that reflect my deep fascination with outer space. The galaxies in our solar system, with their countless stars, inspire me to see flowers as Earth's stars, symbolizing rebirth and interconnectedness.

Though my journey began in fashion, my heart now beats for artistic exploration. My fashion work has been featured in respected publications like Marin Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Silicon Valley Magazine, The New York Post, and San Francisco Magazine.

Let's gooooo!