Piecing it Together

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Recently, I've been diving into the world of large-scale canvases, where my materials—acrylics, graphite, inks, and charcoal—get plenty of space to mingle. The journey begins with intuitive mark-making, where spontaneity leads and each stroke is a step toward something bigger.

Working with a larger canvas is liberating. It invites me to use bigger brushes and get creative with tools, painting not just with bristles but with whatever can leave an interesting mark. The goal? To strike a visual balance that feels just right—where fluid lines meet bold, dramatic strokes.

I want my art to spark conversations. Up close, it's about the details that invite you into the piece, but step back, and the dialogue shifts, offering a new perspective that's meant to be pondered from a distance.

Collage - backyard findings in photos - J'Amy Tarr


Books I am reading:

The Creative Act - By Rick Rubin

Bhagavad Gita

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