Daily Practice - Juliette Lewis illustrated in Procreate App w/ Apple Pencil

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Juliette Lewis is a living legend, as far as I'm concerned. She embodies a free spirit and a rock'n roll attitude that is unlike any other. Someone who lives life to the beat of her own drum, she has always been one of my favorites. She began acting at a very young age, received an Oscar nomination at 18 and threw herself completely into music and started Juliette and the Licks at 30. 

In this illustration, I took on a few challenges: illustrating someone that is a well-known celebrity and trying to navigate a major head tilt / proportion. After a few tries, I was happy enough with it. I think that if I got back in and work on this anymore, I would rough it up a bit, I'd lose some of the smoothness - but this is where it is now and I am taking a beat to analyze it.

I tried to showcase her personality a bit in the drawing through the line quality of the feather and shirt... Utilizing a sketchy-like vibe in expressing these components gave it an "undone" vibe contrasting with the polished high detailed shading of the face and skin, I think it balanced well. I would actually go deeper with this idea next time. 

If you have someone you'd like to see illustrated, comment below! I'd love to hear.

Reference photo by Anthony Saint James

Great article about Juliette Lewis in Rolling Stone Magazine.



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