Spotlight Series: Maya Webb

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Tell me about your company and what it means to you.

Workshop Salon is my salon with my partner, Michelle Fajardo. We are a high-end boutique salon with an incredible clientele of gorgeous, interesting and intelligent clients-like YOU! My salon is a place I go to every day that I can be creative and genuinely feel that I am having a positive impact on the lives of my clients. I love my career as a Colorist. I am part Entrepreneur, part Therapist, part Artist and part Tastemaker!

When was the last time you wore my jacket - where were you and what were you doing?
I wore it last week to work. It's the perfect coat for this time of year to throw on over a lightweight top and jeans. But really, I have worn it all year round in many different ways!

What is inspiring you right now?
I have spring fever! I am planning what to wear for spring and summer. I am inspired by turquoise water with white sandy beaches, live music festivals and rustic settings.

When are you most creative?
Every day - I love how my clients trust me to help them navigate change with their look. Somehow, though, I always seem to get my best ideas in the shower!

Where is your favorite place to be?
I lived in New York City for 7 years and probably feel most myself there. But, on the opposite side of the spectrum, I love how calming views of the water can be. I love anywhere I can see water, since it definitely soothes the soul. 

What keeps you energized?
Time spent in my bed reading, writing, looking at social media -- these activities all recharge me.  I am an introvert so I really need quiet time to stay inspired.

What are your wishes for 2016?
This year has already been crazy - thus far deaths of much loved icons and all the political madness! For the rest of 2016, I wish for peace. At the very least, I wish for my own peace of mind and I will keep spreading that around everywhere I go.

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