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I am proud to announce the J'Amy Tarr Spotlight Series! These posts will highlight people who inspire me in my community and beyond. The first Spotlight features Jenny Terry, CEO and Co-Founder of Speak To Me, intelligent, inspiring events for women. Photo shot in The Hivery in downtown Mill Valley in front of an Amanda Reeves painting.

J'Amy Tarr: 1. Tell me about your company, Speak To Me, and what it means to you. 

Jenny Terry: "I started Speak To Me,  which is a series of award-winning intelligent, inspiring social events carefully designed for women.  I love it because it allows me to focus all my talents & passion to help change the world by igniting the potential I see is so many women around me. I believe that that when we: 
  • connect with other amazing women who share our interests and concerns,
  • get informed by world class leaders on important, relevant topics, and
  • feel inspired to make a difference 
…we build thriving communities that we love."

J'Amy Tarr: I love that you are wearing my Funnel Neck Jacket right now! Tell me about the last time you wore one of my jackets... where were you and what were you doing?

Jenny Terry: "I just wore one of your jackets out to lunch in San Francisco with a group of girl friends I met through the Junior League 15 years ago. We get together perodically to catch up on kids, careers, hobbies. I also wore your jacket recently to a dinner party and jam session with my husband and a group of friends."

J'Amy Tarr: What are your wishes for 2016?

Jenny Terry: "I'd like to enjoy more fun experiences and adventures with my family, and watch my children blossom into their unique, amazing selves. And that Speak To Me continues to help women live more meaningful lives every day, so we all have a beautiful world tomorrow."
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