The Bomber Jacket - Fashion’s New Favorite: Tips On How to Style

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How To: Style a Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is (back) in. Formerly named the MA-1, it was originally designed for military pilots back in the day. This outerwear piece has gone from a bulky, nylon jacket, to a tailored top layer.

A jacket that's available in more variation than that sold in your local Army/Navy surplus store, it is now made with different fabrics, styles and tailoring.

It can be styled to look somewhat sporty, glammed up or casually chic. To help you sift through this all, we’re here to give you pointers on how to style it, what silhouettes work for you and what to expect.  

Layering -- From East to West Coast, the bomber jacket can adjust to nearly any region’s climates. To weather the various temperatures, make the layering technique your best friend. Bomber jackets nowadays possess a more feminine tailoring, which will eliminate any bulkiness when layering sweaters and thicker knit garments.

Fabric -- Not all bomber jackets are created equal. Consider different fabrics for different looks and occasions. For autumn/winter, try wearing a bomber jacket made of suede, leather or a soft wool, like Japanese wool. When spring rolls in, try searching for lighter fabric, like satin, that’s airy but will still keep you warm during cooler nights. Playing with fabric means you can also play with styling; experiment by dressing it up for a night out or down for a casual yet still chic look.  

Color -- While the original bomber jacket was made in classic military green, there now exists a vast array of colors to select from based on your personal style. Pair darker, sultry colors with date-night outfits. You can even go for a bold color to create an instant statement outfit regardless of pairing it with casual jeans or with a skirt.

Fit -- Womenswear bomber jackets typically have a more tailored fit. This more feminine silhouette will hug your body to give you a slimmer looks.  For more coverage, however, opt for a longer bomber jacket that hits beyond your hips. The added length will keep you warmer, which is an added bonus if your hometown weather tends to dip into arctic temperatures.

Bomber jackets are once again back on the radar and we couldn’t be happier! Our mohair wool, tweed, lace and jacquard bomber jackets will get the love and attention they deserve.
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