How to Select a Perfect Moto Jacket

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How to Select a Perfect Moto Jacket

Originally emanating from the world of Harley Davidsons, the prominent moto jackets of today are now the ultimate wardrobe perk-me-ups — perfect to toughen up charming and girlish garments, ideal to complement a look that’s equally edgy.

Moto jackets are multifaceted and timeless. These pieces pave the way for a more polished, coordinated outfit in minutes.

Invest in a quality jacket that will stand the test of time. While trends throughout each season’s Fashion Week change, the moto jacket continues to be a perennial favorite.

Here are some tips on how to select the perfect moto jacket:

  • Fabric is everything. Experiment with different types of fabric or leather to create distinct looks. Have a more edgy, urban allure? Opt for a leather moto jacket. Want clean lines and classic style? Try for a wool blend, similar to J’Amy Tarr’s Japanese wool.
  • Pay attention to construction. Rely on the capital rule of quality versus quantity when purchasing timeless garments. Garment seams should be feminine and flatter the natural flow of the body. Zippers, like stitch lines, should always lay flat and never appear wavy.
  • Accent with hardware. Moto jackets are typically paired with asymmetrical zippers, studs, buckles or other bells and whistles. Ensure that each hardware piece doesn’t overwhelm, but, instead, flatters the body and final outfit choice. A more conservatively designed moto jacket may include fewer zippers while those appearing on the runway may showcase embellishments for an editorial effect.
  • Play with proportions. Explore various lengths and volumes of moto jackets to find the perfect match for individual body types and styles. Cropped (like this one from IRO), hip-length (try this one from Rebecca Taylor) or oversized (take a look at Acne Studios’ style) are ever popular.

Take style cues and fashion ideas from favorite celebrities or from influential bloggers like Advice from a Twenty Something or Edit by Lauren.

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