Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

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Weekend feelings are upon us - the excited, hopeful, electrifying thoughts that run through one’s head on Fridays. What could you do, see or experience? Or, what could you not do to give you a mental vacation?

So many choices.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, don’t forget to read about these Friday Favorites. They’re worth taking a deeper look into -- some cool collaborations are taking place that are truly inspiring.

  • Finland meets Japan with the homeware collaboration between Iittala and Issey Miyake. Entitled “Pause for Harmony” it celebrates the living in the moment and giving full attention to daily rituals.  
  • Wallpaper just got interesting - Swedish design group, Front, and Eco Wallpaper launched a wallpaper collection that tricks the eye, almost. Dramatic depth, shading and shadows give these patterns an optical illusion.

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