Cocktail Dress

I wove strips of chiffon and hand stitched them together to create this cocktail dress.
Apr 16, 2014

Hey!! I love your dress!! Can I get one?? Hope all is well!! anytime soon are you coming down my way?? Em

Apr 16, 2014

J’Amy – it is beautiful! You are so talented!!

Diana Goldberg
Apr 16, 2014

Thanks lovely ladies! I appreciate your support. @Emaly, I won’t be home until next year, but I would love to see you ! If you’d like, I will put you on my mailing list for when I start selling stuff. Maybe I need to have a MV trunk show! ;)
@Blair, I have tried this dress. It needs to be longer in the torso for moi, so I’d need to make another if I want to wear it. The wool/leather coat was made to fit me, so I will be wearing that this winter. More to come! xo

Apr 16, 2014

That is gorgeous! Have you ever worn the dresses/pieces you’ve made?

Blair Destro

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